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The Design Architect’s imagination is the only real limitation. Southside Precast typically manufactures trim work for masonry and landscape elements – from practical must have applications of sills and water table pieces to whole veneer wall panel systems.

Southside also produces pieces for structural applications such as headers, lintels, retaining walls or benches etc. Our traditional wet casting method provides many advantages in design – please contact our office for assistance in design and/or application

 Architectural Precast Concrete and Cast Stone since 1924.

High Quality Building and Landscape Products

We manufacture and supply high quality Architectural building and landscape components such as trim work for masonry, building veneer, landscaping trim, curbing, retaining walls, planters, benches and other ornate products to name a few.

We can handle projects of all types and sizes. We produce traditional, transitional and organic profile shapes that require the use of multiple mediums to create the final product. Our technology utilizes 3D modeling that allows us to interface with production to create full scale positive models, molds, etc.

We specialize in large, complex and sophisticated projects. We work with custom designed software that allows interfacing of CAD with our scheduling, tracking and shipping software to ensure proper coordination for prioritization of casting, palletizing and shipping.

This allows us to accommodate our customers’ needs for projects of any size and caliber.

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Southside Precast Precast has worked with the following Architectural firms…

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Southside Precast Precast has supplied building and/or landscaping material for the following Corporations…

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Universities, Colleges and Campuses

Southside Precast Precast has supplied building and/or landscaping material for the following Universities, colleges and campuses…

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Museums & Parks

Southside Precast Precast has supplied building and/or landscaping material for the following museums and parks…

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Highlighted Projects

Southside gives you the freedom to choose design paths that can be economical while maintaining the level of intricate and sophisticated detail required for all project types. Restoration projects are also produced replacing natural stone with Architectural Cast Stone or Architectural Precast that have similar color and textures for proper matching.

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Throughout our history, Southside has gained national recognition for our commitment to quality, artistic ability and our dedication to meeting the strong desires of the Architectural and Building professionals.

With excellence and proof from our rich and long–lasting history, Southside is manufacturing today, with our focus on tomorrow.